Our Services

RLA is committed to providing effective and intelligent litigation and advocacy to individuals and small and mid-size businesses. We represent consumers and businesses in many kinds of disputes, from consumer protection claims to shareholder actions, to commercial business lawsuits.

  • Breach of contract litigation.
  • Defamation/First Amendment claims.
  • Consumer protection claims, including under the Massachusetts Consumer Protection Law, G.L. c. 93A.
  • Business torts.
  • Shareholder claims against corporations and their boards.
  • Disputes involving real estate – commercial and residential.
  • We advocate for whistleblowers bringing confidential submissions to the SEC, CFTC or IRS and have experience with qui tam actions under the False Claims Act. RLA's attorneys have worked on dozens of SEC and CFTC whistleblower matters, dealing with regional offices throughout the United States.

RLA is lean but fully capable of litigating at the highest levels—and is not afraid to bring difficult cases to trial.